Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fukuoka frenzy!! Waaaahhhhhaaaaaaa

Woohoo! I now have a weekend itinerary set for Fukuoka! My good friend Rick (pictured left- no he does not look that strange normally), has agreed to let me stay at his house on my way through Kyushu (Japan's lower island) so that we can hang out and I can visit church again. Oh my goodness I am so excited! (not that it is obvious.... :D) 3 weeks in Japan is going to be the best trip ever- yes I am titling my upcoming trip, 3 weeks in Japan.

So now that the trip update (or lack thereof) is out of the way, here is some graduation news.
Tomorrow my school is taking the year 12's to a cove / beach for a graduation picnic. Even better news- school is catering! Also I am going to try my hand at snorkelling for the first time! I am going to take plenty of photos tomorrow, I only wish I had an underwater housing case for my camera so that I could take some photos underwater... things don't always happen the way you want them.

Anyway just thought I would let the readers know what was happening.

Catch y'all,


Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm not really I?

Whoa! I'm not really graduating this week am I?
It is true ! I am! This week my formal education well and truly finishes! AAAAHHHHH what does this mean??? hmmm..... more Jesses Japan? OH yeah!

Yes ladies and gentleman, now that my education is finishing, I am free to study and explore more of my beloved Japan. As you already know, I will be returning to Japan for 3 weeks and then upon my home coming in Australia I will be continuing studies of the Japanese language- and if I get the marks, study of the Japanese economic, political and social systems.

I don't really have much else to say except, IT IS ABOUT TIME! :D I really look forward to entering the "real world" as many would call it. Having already lived in Japan I have experienced part of the world and it has so much to offer ( I know this sounds naive, but hey the world needs more optimists!), and I have been hanging out all year to get out of school- anybody else who has delayed their education finishing date by 1 year knows what I'm talking about.

Looking forward to giving you all more Jesses Japan experiences,


P.S. What do y'all think about my new header?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Musings of the wandering traveller's mind

As I sit here at 10:30pm on this Friday night musing over the possibilities of my "home coming" to Japan, my mind is excited (and confused) with all the potential, energy and expectation that are wrapped up in this trip.

So far I will be staying in Tokyo for a week, many hours of meticulous planning and research(which really should have been used for studying) have already gone into this first week, and not much else has gone into the following 2 weeks- when it comes down to it... I'M EXCITED!!! Having never been to Tokyo before, and having become a budding photography enthusiast (armed with a big piece of expensive photographic equipment) throughout this year, of course I am going to plan. I want fantastic shots of Japan, and when you don't have a lot of money to spend, photography is a great way to spend your time in a new, foreign city- creating angles and views others have never seen before.

It seems my trip has become something of an personal inspiration in terms of travel and adventure- I have always wanted to see other parts of the world, but with the onset and planning of this trip I have been frequenting trekking stores (no I'm not trekking I just needed travel gear) and photography sites, blogs and travel photography group websites which have acted as a catalyst for my goals of trekking and seeing the world resurfacing.
One of these goals being to trek through China, Nepal, Tibet (and any other country that suddenly springs to mind with inspiration)- I also have a sudden urge to climb Mt Fuji??

I also want photos- Those amazing shots that tell you so much about a place and capture its personality all in a single frame- pure genius, hopefully my photographic skill and creative eye will have been excercised enough to get the shots I want while I am in Japan.

So far on the "To Japasnap" list is:

1. Harajuku- I'm only in Tokyo for 1 Sunday so this is what I will spend the time doing
2. Tokyo Tower- There is no way I am paying for this ridiculous tourist trap, but I will get photos of it :-)
3. Day to day life- I want photos that tell a story, that sum up my experience and show off Japanese day to day life

Also the number 1 (and only thing) on my "to buy" list:

1. Canon
EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM - Oh baby! the big expensive camera lense that I want!

So until my wandering traveller's mind feels the need to post again, I bid you all in the famous words of renowned television and radio Journalist, Edward R. Murrow, "Good night, and good luck".


Thursday, September 07, 2006

IT"S ON!!!!!!!!

Hot dang (as a good friend of mine would say), it is on!! Jesses Japan will be live and kicking from Japan, again... in 3 months.

Although this post is 2 months later than I intended to be posting anything (so much for the blog being up and running again), I have booked my flights, accomodation and I will be enjoying a lovely 3 week, never before experienced, solo tour of Japan. Tokyo is first up on the list and I will be snapping away with my high quality camera to bring you, the reader, all the action direct from the front line. Get ready for a wild ride because in Jesses Japan you really never know what you are going to experience ( remind me not to enter the world of motivation and hype... I'm not very good at it).

So if any of you out there are still reading my blog, give me you recommendations Japan expats as to what I should see and do- my plans are flexible, like a stalk of grain in the wind (an old japanese saying... in relation to bowing)

Catch you soon,