Monday, June 26, 2006

Phenomena (church youth conference) photos

As promised here are some of the photos from my photography job at the youth conference a few months back. These are not the only ones I took, but they were some of the ones I really liked (and thought you should see). This conference had about 2000 people attending from around Australia (there were a few international delegates as well), and it was so much fun! Everybody just got into the praise and worship and the speakers were pretty awesome too. Also note, when you look at these photos you won't believe it is a church!



Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hi hi hi

WHOA!!! I'm still here! Jessesjapan has been untouched for many months now (and what a hectic period of time it has been), but fear not dear readers, jessesjapan will keep operating. My adventures relating to Japan (and life) are far from over and I have decided to keep running the blog in my spare time that I have. So for now here is a little update of what has been happening since returning home:

Since returning home I have been studying for my HSC intensively and it is now that I am starting to see the fruits of my labour, my school marks are continually rising and my Japanese has also improved since I left Japan (in my Japanese correspondence course I am currently rated 15 in New South Wales)

I have really started developing my skills in photography and graphic design, I recently did a job for my church (Christian City Church) at their youth conference of 2000 people and my photography work is being used for multiple marketing purposes, I will eventually start blogging my portfolio as well.

I have kept in touch with most of my friends in Japan (I am on the phone to Japan regularly) and I am currently applying for a 5 year University scholarship to study at a Japanese University (details to come)

Well, that is just some of the stuff I have been up to more to come soon!!

Keep it cool,