Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fukuoka frenzy!! Waaaahhhhhaaaaaaa

Woohoo! I now have a weekend itinerary set for Fukuoka! My good friend Rick (pictured left- no he does not look that strange normally), has agreed to let me stay at his house on my way through Kyushu (Japan's lower island) so that we can hang out and I can visit church again. Oh my goodness I am so excited! (not that it is obvious.... :D) 3 weeks in Japan is going to be the best trip ever- yes I am titling my upcoming trip, 3 weeks in Japan.

So now that the trip update (or lack thereof) is out of the way, here is some graduation news.
Tomorrow my school is taking the year 12's to a cove / beach for a graduation picnic. Even better news- school is catering! Also I am going to try my hand at snorkelling for the first time! I am going to take plenty of photos tomorrow, I only wish I had an underwater housing case for my camera so that I could take some photos underwater... things don't always happen the way you want them.

Anyway just thought I would let the readers know what was happening.

Catch y'all,