Thursday, February 19, 2004

The First Date

Hey guys today was my first exchange meeting with AFS (the company that runs the program). It was fantastic and it has only heightened my excitement about going on the trip next year. I also had my first crispy creme donut ever at the meeting. Everyone was very friendly and got on like we were old friends which is really cool. Basically everyone introduced themselves and then some people that were leaving for paraguay in a couple of days quickly spoke and good byes were said etc. Then one of the girls who came back from Germany last year got up and spoke about her trip it got me really interested in thinking about the experiences I'll have while i'm away so i think its gonna be really cool. yay. anyway the meeting was really good because my dad got to ask some questions about his concerns and many of them were adressed. it was also really good because it gave my parents a chance to see that im not the only kid in the world that wants to do exchange and that everyone had similarities in their personality this showed my parents that i should be able to cope. all in all its gonna be great more updates to come also i have reached the $1500 Aud mark out of $9500 Aud and i have a little more than a year till i leave plus spending money. but im getting there. Anyway i need to stop my rambling now so ill keep you posted later on.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

About Me

Biography- Jesse
Age- 19 (in a month)
Height- 6 foot 2/3 (186cm)
Current Location- Sydney,Australia
Countries Visited- Japan- 1 year, Thailand+Singapore- 10 minutes in the Airport
Interests- Music (singing, playing guitar, and listening), Asian Cultures, Hanging out with friends, Graphic Design, Photography, My weblog, Gadgets, Extreme Sports (especially Mountain biking)
Blood Type- I should probably know this lol
Favourite Music Artist- John Mayer, Sukima Switch, Mr Children, Do As infinity
Favourite Film Maker- Quentin Tarintino
Favourite Films- The Princess Bride , Sekai no chuusin de ai wo sakebu (shout for love from the center of the world) , Kill Bill 1&2, Infernal Affairs, Love Actually, Battle Royale, Willy Wonka and the choclate factory, countless others
Ambition- To live in Japan permanently when I reach a suitable age
Best Advice- Jesus is the way!
Field of Study- Soon University- International Studies
Most embarassing habit- Seemed to loose this, or perhaps it is randomly singing in Japanese??
Languages Spoken- English, Japanese- Intermediate
Favourite Food- Good Food! If it tastes really good and it's food, then it's my favourite!
Defining Characteristics- Outgoing, optimistic, and excited, energetic, faithful
Wants- A Mac laptop
A Canon 30D SLR (Camera)+ Lenses
A Record Deal, A Noble car (
My Car)
My own Apartment in the city
A Motor scooter (
My Scooter)
A Mountain Bike

Monday, February 16, 2004

It Begins!!!!!

Hello and welcome to the first update in the lead up to my trip. The story so far is that i'm just about to send my form in to say that i'm going. Basically they send this to the host families so they can say if they want me or not. I'm pretty positive that i'll be accpeted so i'm looking at this like i'm going. I'm making most of the money for the trip by working lots of hours at my work (subway. thats right six grams of fat or less) and then i'm also doing some fundraising events like asian cinema movie nights and some other ideas are in the pipe line at the moment. anyway g2g more updates to come =)