Tuesday, February 17, 2004

About Me

Biography- Jesse
Age- 19 (in a month)
Height- 6 foot 2/3 (186cm)
Current Location- Sydney,Australia
Countries Visited- Japan- 1 year, Thailand+Singapore- 10 minutes in the Airport
Interests- Music (singing, playing guitar, and listening), Asian Cultures, Hanging out with friends, Graphic Design, Photography, My weblog, Gadgets, Extreme Sports (especially Mountain biking)
Blood Type- I should probably know this lol
Favourite Music Artist- John Mayer, Sukima Switch, Mr Children, Do As infinity
Favourite Film Maker- Quentin Tarintino
Favourite Films- The Princess Bride , Sekai no chuusin de ai wo sakebu (shout for love from the center of the world) , Kill Bill 1&2, Infernal Affairs, Love Actually, Battle Royale, Willy Wonka and the choclate factory, countless others
Ambition- To live in Japan permanently when I reach a suitable age
Best Advice- Jesus is the way!
Field of Study- Soon University- International Studies
Most embarassing habit- Seemed to loose this, or perhaps it is randomly singing in Japanese??
Languages Spoken- English, Japanese- Intermediate
Favourite Food- Good Food! If it tastes really good and it's food, then it's my favourite!
Defining Characteristics- Outgoing, optimistic, and excited, energetic, faithful
Wants- A Mac laptop
A Canon 30D SLR (Camera)+ Lenses
A Record Deal, A Noble car (
My Car)
My own Apartment in the city
A Motor scooter (
My Scooter)
A Mountain Bike