Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A week!

That is right! Only a week until JessesJapan is really live from Japan!! Everything is moving along, money preparations are in the works but the bloody Japan rail pass is taking forever!!! I ordered it two weeks ago on Thursday and it still hasn't arrived. It is meant to arrive at the Travel Agent's office in 2 working days, their response when I call is "Oh I'm sorry it still hasn't arrived, we have the courier order tag but it still hasn't arrived for some reason- I'll get right on it"- Do you think they are really getting on it?

Anyway all accomodation is booked, itinerary is loosely in place, I think that I am going to ride with current on this trip- wherever the wind blows me, photos shall be provided.... an experience lurks around every corner!

Well that is my heads up for you guys, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! OH YEHA (see I'mm so excited I'm not even spelling properly :D)

catch y'all at the Airport,