Thursday, September 07, 2006

IT"S ON!!!!!!!!

Hot dang (as a good friend of mine would say), it is on!! Jesses Japan will be live and kicking from Japan, again... in 3 months.

Although this post is 2 months later than I intended to be posting anything (so much for the blog being up and running again), I have booked my flights, accomodation and I will be enjoying a lovely 3 week, never before experienced, solo tour of Japan. Tokyo is first up on the list and I will be snapping away with my high quality camera to bring you, the reader, all the action direct from the front line. Get ready for a wild ride because in Jesses Japan you really never know what you are going to experience ( remind me not to enter the world of motivation and hype... I'm not very good at it).

So if any of you out there are still reading my blog, give me you recommendations Japan expats as to what I should see and do- my plans are flexible, like a stalk of grain in the wind (an old japanese saying... in relation to bowing)

Catch you soon,