Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A week!

That is right! Only a week until JessesJapan is really live from Japan!! Everything is moving along, money preparations are in the works but the bloody Japan rail pass is taking forever!!! I ordered it two weeks ago on Thursday and it still hasn't arrived. It is meant to arrive at the Travel Agent's office in 2 working days, their response when I call is "Oh I'm sorry it still hasn't arrived, we have the courier order tag but it still hasn't arrived for some reason- I'll get right on it"- Do you think they are really getting on it?

Anyway all accomodation is booked, itinerary is loosely in place, I think that I am going to ride with current on this trip- wherever the wind blows me, photos shall be provided.... an experience lurks around every corner!

Well that is my heads up for you guys, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! OH YEHA (see I'mm so excited I'm not even spelling properly :D)

catch y'all at the Airport,


Monday, November 06, 2006

Asian Backstreet boys

Well well, only 3 weeks until Jesses Japan is back.... in Japan!!! OH YEAH!

Anyway as a little warm up and taster of what's to come, I thought I would show you this video. In case you're wondering, I won't be giving you impressions of the Backstreet boys like these hilarious guys- rather I will be giving you VIDEO! YES, VIDEO!!! Jesses Japan adventures will feature video segments as of December!

Until then, enjoy the Asian Backstreet boys,


P.S. Kudos go to my younger sister for finding this clip- I really wouldn't have the time lol