Thursday, November 25, 2004

A free man

Hello avid readers (is this how I always start a post?)

In ten days I will offically be, as my mum describes it, a free man!!!!!!
Hehe my passport forms went through without a hitch on tuesday (*dances* "oh yeah, oh yeah" lol) and school finishes next thursday for one year!!! (*dances again* "oh yeah, oh yeah")
The reason I am offically a free man is because once I have that passport I can leave the country whenever I want (that is of course without thinking about technicalities like Visa's lol)

Although it is fun to think that I now have a three month holiday before I leave for Japan, there is also a melancholic feeling starting to set in due to the fact that I have been at this school with my peers since Kindergarden (circa 1992) and they are one of the best year groups anyone could have (despite difficulties ever had with some). The idea of leaving for Japan soon is really starting to set it in. I am sad that I will be away from my peers and friends for 1 year (sort of lol) but I definitely think that a change of scenery is in order for me ( I mean come on, I have been at the same school, with the same people for 13 years!!!!) so at the same time I'm not sad, just a little melancholic.

While all this is going on in my head at the moment, I have been/currently am taking photos of all my friends at school so that I can make an album. This is my last time with these guys as they will all graduate next year, while me I will graduate the year after. It is sort of scary because I know that it is the last time that I will see most of these people. Everyone always says that most of your friends in high school you will never see again after you finish, and that is just so true!!!! I know that I won't see most of my high school friends ever again. Bit of a weird thought when you think about it, you've spent most of your life with these people and then they just disappear forever.

Anyway while my post sounds all sad and stuff, I am so excited at the prospect of Japan. I can't wait to get there and hopefully make heaps of really good friends!!! Well I am a happy man and hopefully you are happy people (why did I just say that?)

well more updates and stories to come,

Friday, November 19, 2004

jellies 4 Japan photos

Dont you love my artistic/ advertising skills?

yes our jelly tastes really good!!!
See, even my friend Jamie loves it!

Yes jonny loves his jelly! but ummm you could call what he is doing a major health hazard.

buy from me people!!! buy low sell high!!! thats the way the business goes! (for me... not them i want them to buy high form me lol)

*to the tune of "everyone loves their slinky* everyone loves their jelly, everyone loves their jelly! lol (most people probably won't have got that joke)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Tokyo Immigration bureau

On a minor note. After I posted yesterday I got home to find that AFS (my exchange company) had sent me all my visa application forms from the tokyo immigration bureau and my insurance forms. Oh it's so exciting everything is starting to move fast!!! now I just need a host family lol.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Jellies for Japan

Hello readers (that may only be me lol) and welcome to another exciting (is it?) instalment of Jeses japan!!!

well not alot has been happening over the past month. All is quiet on the western front as you may have noticed (because their have been no new entries) so I thought it was time I "livened the night life up" on the western front lol.

So I have been fundraising at my school. I have been running what is known as "Jellies for Japan". basically I have been making lots of cups of jelly and selling the for $1 AUD. To everyones amazement I have made $337 AUD so far!!!!! Who would have thought you could make that much money out of Jelly???? I have photos which I will be posting up here soon (when I can actually burn them onto a disk and upload them at school. oooh the broadband connection)
So there will be photos soon! (I need to document this stuff for my own experience as well)

anyway have to go now, more posts to come!

and I should really do something about getting my passport!