Friday, May 20, 2005

E.T Sessions

On Friday I attended "E.T. Sessions" a 3 hour long jazz concert. "E.T. Sessions" was the name of the band that was actually playing, they were really good! As Jazz is really based around improvisation they did alot of well,.... improvisation lol. Otherwise they were mainly a covers band doing songs by the likes of Duke wellington, Louis Armstrong and other Jazz greats (I think they even did some B.B King and he isn't even Jazz, he is blues!!!)

Now what made this concert really interesting wasn't just the band, but the venue. The venue was a 200+ year old Sake brewery (Sake is the the tradtional alcohol of Japan). The tables were made from the lids that they would put over the huge vats, and our seats were retro sake beer crates and slats of wood, looked really cool but by the end of the night everyone had really sore bums!!

The band were all japanese except for the singer, who was a black american (If I used the wrong term just then please forgive me) by the name of Cleeve Douglas, one of the best live singers I have heard in a long time. All in all, it was really fun and the experience heightened my love of jazz music............. except for the 15 minute drum solo!