Sunday, May 15, 2005

Welcome party

So Today was a day of partying, and eating, and merryment, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die (yeah from eating so much food lol). Today was the what we like to call an AFS welcome party, and what a welcome it was!!

The day started off with me rising early to eat a quick breakfast, shave, moisturise and make myself look beautiful (hehe what a premadonna!! lol). My host family and I set out to arrive at our destination at 10 am to help set everything up, this was going to be a big party (60 people baby!!). The weather was already warming up, and I was truly starting to feel the heat ( I was dressed in a long sleeve shirt, long pants, with my cuff buttons done up and my shirt tucked in, I really felt the heat)

by 12pm everybody was arriving, exchange students, friends of exchange students, families, my english teacher from school lol. I had my best friend shyouta come along, some humour was provided when I said to him "oh our english teacher is coming today" he instantly hit his head with his hand going "noooooooo!!!!!!" and I said to him "whats wrong?" and he said "tomorrow is the half early english examination and I am meant to be at home studying" lol. There was a thick tension in the air as our english teacher walked up to my friend, patted him on the shoulder and simply said "good luck....".

The party started, I was really happy to be united with my exchange friends, especially the two I am closest with Sophia from Australia and Marjo from Finland. The food and drink started coming hard and fast, with excited conversations sparking everywhere, 45 minutes later the food was still coming but it wasn't dissappearing the way it had at first, we all had bloated stomachs lol from eating so much.

By now everybody was ready for some entertainment, so my guitar was taken from its case, plugged into the guitar amp and I performed, though I have to say it is one of the worst performances I feel I have ever given, by now the sun was blistering hot, I was sweating and the pick was slipping from my fingers which in turn means you can't strum properly..... TOO BAD!
We started to play a game, you get a stick, you get a blind fold, you get spun around and then you try to crack a watermelon open! Pinyata, but it is wet, sticky and sweet! Kendo training did not help here, I managed to miss the watermelon both times! (geez and I am meant to have the best teacher in Nagasaki?)

I started to mingle a little with everyone, and I don't know how I did it but I managed to end up sitting and talking with the head doctor of the Nagasaki doctors association and other high ranking doctors? crazy. I really don't know how I did it.

It was an awesome day, I went home feeling 5kgs heavier! too much food!