Sunday, May 08, 2005

Japan Quirks (A.K.A little things 2)

yes it's time for little things 2, the little quirks and funny things I notice in my daily life here in japan.

1.Purikura- Japanese teenagers seem to love purikura, or photo stickers. It is such a huge trend here to go to these massive photo booths, pay $4, have about 6 photos taken of you and your friends and then you decorate the photos on a computer screen (backgrounds, love hearts, writing etc) and then the machine prints the photos out (they are about the size of a 5 cent coin) and then you cut them out and give them to your friends. Lol my diary has a two page collection in the back of it at the moment, funny thing is there doesn't seem to be many guys in there lol (all these random girls keep running up to me at school giving me the photos lol)

2. My music teacher- I love this music teacher. He reminds of my music teacher back home, with a few exceptions.... He is fat, he is Japanese and he apparently has a very dirty mouth lol. We were in music the other day and he started telling my class (note my music class is 41 girls and me) about his girlfriend who is a foreigner ,she is italian. Now I get teh idea he was talking about his love life in slightly intimate detail (something involving ice cream) because all the girls started screaming lol. I get the idea he does this regularly as well because the girls seem to get grossed out quite a bit. But hey it provides great entertainment for me, it is even funnier when he starts chatting me up to all the girls going "oh Jieshi is such a cool guy isn't he? He would make a great boyfriend for one of you girls" it is hilarious.

3. Kissing is like sex- This statement may sound really strange but it is true, to Japanese teenagers kissing is like having sex. Some of the guys asked me if I have kissed a girl and I said yes and they all started going "oooooooohhhhhhh what was it like? what was it like? I bet it's good!!" right now I am laughing so much I am almost crying because I just find this so funny, yet it is really sweet as well (it shows that they take relationships relatively seriously)

4.Teachers smoking lounge- This has to be the funniest thing we have at my school, there is a smoking lounge for the teachers!!! Never would you find this in Australia (could you find this anywhere else in the world?) Now the funny thing about this room is that it isn't the staff room or anything it even has a sign over it saying "teachers smoking lounge" (in japanese of course). It is really funny watching all the teachers race for the smoking lounge in the morning and at lunch time lol. Also even stranger is that only the male teachers are allowed to use the smoking lounge, how sexist is that????

and that concludes this months japan quirks,