Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Daily routine of an exchange student

So I thought it was about time to actually tell you what a "normal" day (though I think as an exchange student it isn't possible to have one) is.

6am- wake up- The morning routine is the same where ever you are in the world (though in Japan we shower at night) get dressed, eat breakfast, make yourself look beautiful. If you think waking up at 6am is bad, feel sorry for my host mum who wakes up at 5am to cook lunch for my whole family (oh and she cooks breakfast as well)

7:30am- I am out the door for an always interesting ride to school (e.g. old men with blue hair) I think the ride is about 6-7 km long.

8am-4pm- Classes, socialising, japanese study, always an interesting day. Classes include japanese, japanese history, PE, Music, English, Science.

4-7pm- Kendo training- 3hours of intensetraining, I am getting really fit!

8pm- arrive home, it has been a long day!

so that is my day in a nutshell