Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ladies (and gentlemen) of the

In this world alot of people have dirty secrets, and it seems that my schools dirty secret comes in the form of a night school. Not many of the students at my school know much about it and it is kept pretty hush hush.

Schools in Japan are alot stricter than schools in Australia. If the school finds out you have been sleeping around, taking drugs, or doing any other delinquent activity the school can take it upon themselves to kick you out. But it seems in my school's case they usher you into the "night school".

These are the delinquent students that school and community want to deny ever existed. Over the last few nights when I have been leaving school I have seen the night school students alot. The uniform is the same, but it seems every individual has significantly modified their uniform. The girls wear ummmm, lets just say "extra" mini skirts, untucked shirts with lots of buttons undone and vests. The boys have seriously permed hair which is dyed blonde, and have chains and lots of other accesories hanging off their person. One thing I have noticed is that the girls are slightly wild, they are party animals! On top of not only wearing a sexed up uniform, they ride vespa motor scooters as well! They may also be some of the cutest looking girls around, but I think by now you are getting the idea these girls are slightly dangerous, the women your mother warned you about, or as described to me by one friend "if you date one of those girls you are playing with fire"

The boys look like a little bit of trouble as well, but you see the girls alot more than the boys, it seems the boys perfer to keep a low profile.

If I find anything else out about night school I will be sure to post it!