Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Typhoon alert

I have now decided that I am going to start issuing my own typhoon warnings (though it isn't really a warning when you find out 12 hours later, so scrap that idea). Right now (when I wrote this) I am sitting in my classroom, looking out the window, looking and listening to the natural chaos that currently surrounds me. I am not sure what it takes to declare a Typhoon or major storm warning in Japan, but the current condition of the weather would have caused major news warnings in Sydney. The wind right now is so strong, I have seen people losing umbrella's all morning in their heroic battles with the weather to try and get to school or their places of business. Lol currently the window next to me is whistling a very nice tune, only problem is that the window is securely shut, so the window being forced in towards me by the wind isn't making me feel to comfortable. I am preparing myself to see Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz go flying by the window. The rain is unbelievable, each drop is the size of a mintie (a lolly, sorry couldn't think of anything else to compare it with lol) basically this is not weather to go for a sunday stroll in.

I have had the last few days off school due to exams, so today so far has been very interesting watching how the students react to their exam marks. Apparently nobody has done very well, but I have heard it said that if you are scoring 40% on a Japanese exam paper, you can easily nail an American or Australian test paper to the wall with a 90% +. One strange thing they do here is the exam marks are placed out on the main noticeboard where everybody can see, so if you failed miserably... everyone will know your dirty secret!!!! lol
The reactions have been pretty similar from everyone, I saw a few girls crying about their marks, but most people just laugh at themselves and their friends, and go "oh no!.

Not much more to it,