Thursday, May 05, 2005

Space world

Golden week, golden week, golden week is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually it just ended today... damn!)

Yes thats right ladies and gentleman the last week has been what is known as golden week, Japans longest public holiday (hence the name golden week), a week of fun, excitement and oh whats that? school?!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes you get a break from school subjects but you still need to go to club. Sometimes I really don't know what this country is thinking lol.

Anyway that aside, on monday I went to space world. What is space world you ask? well if you want the hardcore run down, you can click this link or if you really like the short and sweet version (or you just really like my blog) I can give you a quick run down. Space world is a japanese amusement park located outside of Fukuoka. It is medium sized, and well it has a space theme to it. Wow how did you guess? hmmm maybe it was the name that gave it away. The rollercoaster (named the titan) has to have the biggest drop I have ever seen on a rollercoaster, unfortunately I didn't get to ride it because of all the weeks in the year they chose japans biggest national holiday to run checks on the rollercoaster.... hello wheres the logic??

Anyway we spent the day waiting in line for almost an hour on every ride (and believe me some were not worth it), and we got sunburnt. Doesn't sound like a fun day does it? Actually I enjoyed myself , the only downside was that the theme park only has 3 major thrill rides. While we were on the water rapids everybody was screaming going "aaah this is so scary" and I was sitting there with my arms folded saying "I really think I need to start sky diving".

Now can anyone tell me do these theme park mascots look like a rip off of mickey and minney mouse?

Lucky Rabbit Vickey Rabbit

To wrap up the day, there was a surpirse performance by a japanese pop band called D-51.
Japanese girls (and guys) love these two guys so it was fun to watch their performances.

All in all a good day (the mini-concert made up for the horrendous lines)

oh photos of the day to come,