Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Jellies for Japan

Hello readers (that may only be me lol) and welcome to another exciting (is it?) instalment of Jeses japan!!!

well not alot has been happening over the past month. All is quiet on the western front as you may have noticed (because their have been no new entries) so I thought it was time I "livened the night life up" on the western front lol.

So I have been fundraising at my school. I have been running what is known as "Jellies for Japan". basically I have been making lots of cups of jelly and selling the for $1 AUD. To everyones amazement I have made $337 AUD so far!!!!! Who would have thought you could make that much money out of Jelly???? I have photos which I will be posting up here soon (when I can actually burn them onto a disk and upload them at school. oooh the broadband connection)
So there will be photos soon! (I need to document this stuff for my own experience as well)

anyway have to go now, more posts to come!

and I should really do something about getting my passport!