Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hi hi hi

WHOA!!! I'm still here! Jessesjapan has been untouched for many months now (and what a hectic period of time it has been), but fear not dear readers, jessesjapan will keep operating. My adventures relating to Japan (and life) are far from over and I have decided to keep running the blog in my spare time that I have. So for now here is a little update of what has been happening since returning home:

Since returning home I have been studying for my HSC intensively and it is now that I am starting to see the fruits of my labour, my school marks are continually rising and my Japanese has also improved since I left Japan (in my Japanese correspondence course I am currently rated 15 in New South Wales)

I have really started developing my skills in photography and graphic design, I recently did a job for my church (Christian City Church) at their youth conference of 2000 people and my photography work is being used for multiple marketing purposes, I will eventually start blogging my portfolio as well.

I have kept in touch with most of my friends in Japan (I am on the phone to Japan regularly) and I am currently applying for a 5 year University scholarship to study at a Japanese University (details to come)

Well, that is just some of the stuff I have been up to more to come soon!!

Keep it cool,