Saturday, April 09, 2005

How to make an Australian exchange student grumpy

Want to make an exchange student angry?? Just make buying a mobile phone complicated.

This is exactly what happened to me today, and I didn't end up buying the phone either.

To start off, my host mother took me to the electronics store to buy my keitai (mobile) which I have been waiting a while to buy. We get there and there isn't a sales assistant for AU (the mobile company I'm buying the phone off) so the nice man from the electronics store gets the sales rep for STUPID VODAFONE (well vodafone isn't stupid because I use it in Australia) TO SELL ME THE PHONE! Now lets just stop and think about this for a second... the sales rep works for vodafone and is trying to sell me a phone from the opposition... does that make sense??
So now we also have to think "ummm seeing as she works for vodafone and not AU does that mean she probably knows nothing about AU??" "ding, ding, ding congratulations you just won yourself $1 Million dollars"

So the sales rep continues to pull the brochure out and browse through it trying to work out what I need to do to buy the phone (at this point in time I know more about buying the phone then she did. Please not I have nothing against women sales rep's because I know for a fact men sales rep's are alot more stupid 99% of the time) Finally she finds the section and starts trying to explain everything to my host mum. This is made even harder by my host mum trying to translate to me in english because right now my japanese is, well sort of crap.

We then found out I needed my alien registration card (stupid me forgot that I need it, and I won't have it until monday) so that cleared things up a little.... until the sales rep decided she wanted to take a totally different set of protocol and try to say that my host family aren't good enough as a signatory on my account and that my australian parents have to sign it. Who does she ring to back her up? the AU hot line! So of course AU are going to tell her my australian parents need to sign (this has never been the case for anyone else) AU hotline are going to be legalistic (hello this is japan) and she works for vodafone so of course they will make it harder for her (don't ask me why just a feeling I had lol)

anyway everything is going to be different next time I go back to buy a phone lol.

moral of this story... don't get a vodafone sales rep to try and sell you an AU phone lol,