Friday, April 08, 2005

mote mote

Mote Mote: A man that is very popular among women.
Japanese dictionary example: A man who is popular among bar hostesses (some how I think this isn't quite right)

Did I feel like a Mote Mote after attending school for the first time today?? HELL YES!!!!!! LOL

Ok so today was the first day of school.... damn it is fun!! lol I feel very popular (seeing as I am the only white teenager in any sort of school in a radius of at least 50km's) I had the best time (even if I was only there for 1 hour)

My class is huge. 42 people, my class in Australia (actually my whole year) was only 21 people!
Hehe and the girls are cute!!!!! lol ok I'm going to shut up about the girls. The school is amazing and the cherry blossoms are currently in bloom so everything looks amazing.

All in all it was a fantastic hour but i will give you more funny stories from the proper first day which will be monday.

until then,