Monday, April 25, 2005

kendo on the brain

hello readers and welcome to another update. So I started kendo at school about two weeks ago and let me say this, I am really sore!!! Kendo is hard work, but it is definitely worth the effort.

here is a typical week in my kendo training life (life? I have no life now because of kendo).

We train 7 days a week!!! on mondays through friday we train from 4pm (after school) to 7pm at night (then I have to ride my bike home so I don't get home until about 8pm)
On weekends the hours change a bit but last saturday we started at 8:30am and finished at 5:30pm (I just wanted to go home, for goodness sake it's saturday we shouldn't be at school lol)

Anyway then most days of the week we go for a 3km run before we start practicing, and sometimes we do weight training. The actual sessions are pretty intense, it requires all of your strength because you have scream a warcry for most of the lesson and we also wear armour which is relatively heavy (especially the helmet) and you run around hitting each other with sticks and screaming.

While I make kendo sound really dodgey, I will give it this. Never before have my muscles toned up so quickly, no one in Australia is going to recognize me pyschically by the time I come back, and also my closest friends (both boys and girls) all come from kendo club. We are a team, we train together, we take classes together, we spend most of our lives together, thank goodness we don't live together or I think we would murder each other lol.