Friday, April 22, 2005

the big, big update

ok so I've been a jackass and let the blog slip away from me again....... but I have good reasoning!!!

So let the big blog update begin.

They day I posted about the mobile phone we went to visit relatives. Little did I know we were also going to visit a hotspring town called Obama. Let me say this, aaaahh way cool!!! It looked like a movie driving into town because there were big plumes of smoke coming up from underneath the road (the hotspring is obviously very hot). We arrived at the Ryokyan (japanese style inn) where I was taken to my own private bath on the roof outside. Now while this sounds sort of cool, let me note this, this bath was large enough to fit at least 10 people in, and I had it all to myself!!!!!!!!!

for the next week I was nailed with what the doctor calls acute bronchitis. Let me tell you about some hospital horror.
Now I know that most men like a cute nurse, or doctor. Well I managed to get the cute doctor when my host mum went "Oh my god your sick, right we are going to the hospital" (note: this would never happen in Australia).
This doctor was very cute, very kind (yes the doctor was a woman!!!) and couldn't speak a word of english lol. She asked me to come back the next day for testing to see if I have the flu or just a bad cold. We come the next day for the test, and I had the same cute doctor again. Never again will I trust another cute doctor!!!!!!!!!
The doctor goes on to tell me "ok I'm going to do the test, this might hurt a little bit" she proceeds to pull out a cotton bud, now I'm sitting there going "what are you going to do with that??" then she says "tilt your head back" and I realise the cotton bud is about 10cm long!!!!!
The cotton bud is shoved up my nose!!!!!!!!!!!! and to the back of my throat! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE PAIN IN MY EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never have I experienced such pain, and never will I let a cute doctor near me with a cotton bud.
20 minutes later, "guess what??? you don't have the flu".
Then one of the nurses comes and says to me in Japanese "hey you know that cute doctor in there? she's single, maybe you should go ask her out"
hello, this doctor has just stuck a 10cm long cotton bud up my nose.... and you want me to ask her out????? I then asked how old she is "oh she is 27" hello????? ten year age difference!!

Let me take a moment to make a side note.. Japanese women have had a thing for coming up to me and telling me that a cute girl is single. Now it's nice that they think I am cute enough to ask the cute girl out, but the cute girls they want me to ask are always in their 20's!!!!!!!!
I wonder if these women have signs attached to their foreheads that say "hello I am in my 20's and now I am really deseperate for a boyfriend so if you see a cute boy please tell him to ask me out".

ok so I started school. what is school like? hehe like being Brad Pitt at the premier of his new movie!!! Girls everywhere scream your name (literally, I walked into a music class of 40 girls the other day and they all screamed "jieshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and were all saying "oh sit next to me, oh please sit next to me" lol) and there is a whispering wind that follows me around the school lol. Question I have been asked most..... "jieshi do you have a girlfriend?" when I reply no what do they do? Jump up and down in front of me screaming yaaaaayy in japanese.

ok so thats my relatively big update more to come when I have time (school is such a hectic schedule its not funny),