Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sex Education, Japanese style.

Today I had the best class I have ever sat through at school, sex education. Now right now you are probably reading this thinking "This guy has a dirty mind, he really has a screw loose in his head posting that his favourite class is sex education" let me dispell this myth for you. Yes I may be a teenage boy but sex education isn't my favourite class because it is about sex (though I am sure it is for many teenage boys), it is my favourite class because sex is such a taboo, closed topic here in Japan, and the way a sex ed class is run is enough to make you wet yourself laughing.

Now the first thing I will make major note of is that this class was a uni-sex sex education class, what the? (no there isn't meant to be a swear word after "the") Never in Australia, America (or anywhere else in the world??) would you find a uni-sex sex education classes.

Lol so My story begins with me sitting next to my best friend looking at the text book when it hits me that we are looking at diagrams of the male and female reproductive systems. I turn and whisper to my friend (remember there are more ladies than men present in this class) "oy kore wa sekisu o benkyo?" (hey is this sex education?), he starts looking really worried, waving his hand in front of his face saying "oh no no no no, sekisu o benkyo kunai" ( oh no no no no this isn't sex education) So I point to the picture of a baby of on the page and say "akachan o benkyo?"(is this baby study?" "Hai, akachan o benkyo" (yes this is study about how babies are made)
So then I say to him "ahhhh, akachan o benkyo equals sekisu o benkyo" (ahhh baby study equals sex education...)
His face turns white, and he get this look that states "OMG BABIES COME FROM HAVING SEX?? PLEASE SAY IT ISN'T SO!!"

The boys really provided some entertainment for me in that class, the looks that would creep across their faces when they had realizations about certain facts of life were enough to make me have to stifle alot of laughing.
By about this time our teacher decided it was time to put a video on, "A Japanese sex ed tape? This I have to see lol". The video starts and we are greeted by two Japanese men wearing suits and ties, sitting in an 80's (yes the video was from the 80's) style interview setting, with a diagram of the reproductive systems sitting between them. These two men actually interviewed each other about how a baby is made, and the process wasn't "well, when a mummy and daddy love each other etc." no it was the deep, deep, deep scientific process. The video starts to show a camera inside the womb, basically we were shown the intricate 9 month process of a baby forming, voiced over by these two men.

So now I have learnt Japanese style how a baby comes into this world, as told by two 50-60 year old Japanese men.......... wearing business suits.
What will they think of next?