Thursday, April 07, 2005

little things

a few things I have currently learnt in Japan:

1. I can't call caroline ca-chan- this came about when I was talking to my host mother and I said "oh yes my best friend ca-chan...." my host mother then replies "oh so are you going to marry her?" and I'm like "umm no, we aren't even going out, she has a boyfriend in Australia lol" my host mum then says "oh ok, I just thought you might because some japanese men call their wives ka-chan" (ca and ka are pronounced the same in Japanese) and I'm like "are you serious??? I so did not know that" (side note- when caroline reads this, the blog will suddenly end along with my life lol)

2. It takes alot of teachers to make a small decision- I went to my highschool the other day for an introductory meeting with the vice principal. I don't think you can call a vice principal a vice principal when she walks in with an entourage of 6 people!!!! In this meeting we had the vice principal, the vice vice principal (I didn't know there was such a thing),my home room teacher, ny vice home room teacher (I didn't know you could have a vice home room teacher), the head of secondary form teachers and 2 or 3 other men who were important as well, but I didn't catch their positions.

3. Japanese people love their comedians- The Japanese love comedians! In Australia comedians are nowhere near as big as they are here in Japan. One of the first questions I have been asked on numerous occassions is "who is your favourite japanese comedian?" at first I didn't know but now I do. He is a man after my own heart because he plays guitar, and he is a samurai..... Yoku Hata (A.K.A guitar samurai)

4. If your white and live in a small town funny things happen- Yes thats right my friends, If you live in a town of 89,000 people (which might I add is 43.4% single women according to statistics lol) and you are the only teenage foreigner things happen (it's even cooler because everyone thinks I am 21 lol). Some examples of this are people almost crashing their cars when they see you riding your bike lol.. no seriously the amount of people who have almost crashed their cars when they see me is unbelievable lol. Also you get lots of girls "checking you out" or more just sneeking a peek and giggling lol. lots of other funny things have happened but i can't remember all of them (too many to remember)

well thats it for my section "little things" more posts to come later,