Tuesday, April 05, 2005

AFS: Another Fat Student

ok so I have been realy, really, really lazy and haven't updated my blog when so much has been happening. This entry is more so that I don't feel guilty about not blogging so I will try to get you up to speed as quickly as possible and then everything will return to normal again.

Ok camp finished and we said goodbye to everyone. I found it pretty upsetting saying goodbye to caroline (even if I didn't show it) because she has been my best friend for the last year and we've been through alot together. It sort of sucks because me and her have had pretty much no contact with each other the past few weeks so if you ask me it sort of stinks. (just noticed she left a comment so note to caroline.... I don't mean it in an offensive way lol I just, well... miss you lol)

So my host dad left the other day which was pretty sad. the upside of it is that I have been given a second host family to help my host mum with the burden of me (doesn't sound very nice does it lol?) they are really cool as well. I now have a sister who is my age and a brother who is a bit younger I think. They have been fantastic I have been sleeping at their house and they have been taking me out for dinner everywhere, I love it.

On the weekend I went temple hopping (photo taking of temples and castles, shrines etc) so i will post photos later. Also went to fukuoka which was way cool, that city is really really huge!!!

Today I went to my new school for a meeting with the vice principal. The vice principal had an entourage of 6 people!!! by the way Australian students, if you even consider australian schools/ teachers to be strict, then baby you ain't seen nothing yet!!!! lol these are not teachers you want to tangle with lol.

anyway thats a moderated version of the story so far, lots more to come,