Sunday, June 12, 2005

Secret Spy Network

Okay, apart from running a night school, I think our school is running a secret spy network! (or Japanese girls gossip alot)

I don't know how, but every monday when I come back to school after a fun filled weekend, there seems to be alot of people who know where I was, what I did and who I was with.
A good example is last week when I got to school (we had monday off) a year 10 girl walks up to me and says "oh Jesse was Ice cream good on friday afternoon?" and I was like "how did you know I went to ice cream on friday? I mean you were in Kendo club all afternoon!"

Friday afternoon I went out for ice cream with my best friend, now my best friend is a guy so there isn't really any reason for someone to notice I am having ice cream, but to my surprise these little events spread like wildfire, I didn't tell anyone I was going to ice cream either.

Maybe I should start a rumour and see how long it takes to come back to me? Actually i think there was a movie called gossip where they did that and it blew up in their faces.