Friday, June 18, 2004

Camp Post Mortem Report: Bloody fantastic! - Sunday


Once again im the earliest to rise. i was up at 6:50am and cause of this I got first dibs on breakfast it was really good! Everyone else woke up at 8am I can’t stand it when people sleep in. We split off into groups after breakfast and once again we were put in our cold hole in hell (that would be if hell froze over) But some one thought smart again. They brought a dooner so we all cuddled up and kept warm (aaaaaah to be warm). As we started the session a leader comes in sits down turns to us all and say "so are you taking condoms?" you should see all the girls faces "ummmm I haven’t really thought about that" they all say. "Well you should" says the leader.

We continued through the sessions until lunch time when parents arrived and met the kids. The rest of the afternoon was a session for parents while all the kids went back to their sessions. At 3pm we gave many sad goodbyes to everyone. It is amazing how close everyone gets over a weekend because of exchange. There were some tears and very long goodbyes and then we all got in our cars and left for our separate lives hoping to see each other once again.

Anyway I’ll get some photos on here when I have a chance. Feed back is really good from you guys if possible cause I think my writing style is a bit boring let me know what you think. Until the next update,