Monday, May 17, 2004

Dubbo trip

what can I say? Go away with a group of crazy south american exchange students for a weekend and what do you get? a hell of alot of fun!!!!! If anyone ever has the chance to go away on exchange do it. Get invloved as early as possible and have fun! it is so worth it. Dubbo was a really cool experience.

We stayed in Katoomba (the Blue Mountains) on friday night and had the nicest old people ever host us. We went out for a night on the town in old Katoomba, and can i say, boooooring!!!! dont do it. Katoomba is a very small town so ther isnt much night life if your under 18. But it was funny to see two of the exchange students riding shopping trolleys down this massively steep hill. anyway we got home late and we had a dance party while our hosts David and Trish are sleeping!!! i had photos of it but one of the exchange students accidentally deleted my photos of friday night and saturday. Anyway the next morning we were picked up by the mini bus and with it came another three exchange students. we then set out on our four hour trip to Dubbo. we sang, we slept, we made up crap and looked at the sites of the drought stricken Australian countryside. Along this trip are some of the cleanest, coldest, and nicest smelling male toilets I have ever seen in my life. =) Saturday afternoon in Dubbo yes thats right we did arrive after a slow four hours. we learnt how to throw boomerangs. it was very funny we almost had a couple of decapitated casualities but we all survived.

Then saturday night was the Dubbo Show. Yes Dubbo is a country Town so guess what we did? we danced to COUNTRRRY MUUUUUSSSSIIIC! I have never had so much fun. Now dancing to country music with south Americans is quite funny as they dont actually have country music in their countries but thats what made it even more fun!!! Anyway we stayed up late got very cold in the countryside (note to self. take a couple of layers of thermal underwear with you next time!!!) Sunday we woke up and had breakfast at the home of Australias best meat pie! thats right im not kidding the shop had it plastered all over the windows, walls anywhere they could fit it. unfortunately i didnt actually try the pies. We then moved on to Dubbo zoo (Western Plaines zoo) quite interesting have a look at some of my photos. then we had another long four hours back to katoomba where we then had to get a train back to home immediately that took another two hours.My advice if you ever get the chance to do something like this.... just do it!