Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Camp Post Mortem Report: Bloody fantastic! - Friday

Well hello and welcome. Im sorry i had work experience last week so i didn't get to update when i got back from the camp. Well what can i say? the camp was flipping awesome!!!!!!! Man if anyone asked me about exchange i would give it 100% it's to much fun. Ok well heres the post mortem report about the camp.

Thursday Night:Packed for Camp. Now im never really hectic when it comes to packing but when it got to asking my dad for the digital camera all hell broke loose! Dad forgot to bring the camera home so all those photos i promised, you ain't getting them!

Friday Afternoon / Night:Friday i met with Richard my sending co-ordinator and Sophie who is on her way to Austria in a couple of months and off we set on a very long road trip to get to the ever elusive summerlands point. On the journey we shared many long stories, jokes and experiences. One of the funniest moments on the trip was when we stopped at MacDonalds and had dinner. We sat down to eat and started talking about a new Documentary called super size me which has been recieving alot of attention in the media at the moment due to the nature of the documentary. For those of you that have been living in a hole the last two months its about a guy who only eats Maccas for thirty days straight and the interesting facts about maccas he finds and the changes his body goes through. Anyway back on track, we sit down to eat and i start talking about the documentary to sophie. "So Soph, have you seen that documentary supersize me? Well they found that the new salads plus menu from maccas, the roast chicken salad has 28 grams of fat in it. thats almost your daily intake of fat in a salad"!As i am saying all this there is a lady in her late 40's who looked like she tries to keep a good figure sitting behind sophie who is eating a roast chicken salad! You could she the appetite draining from her almost instantly! Me and soph were almost laughing so hard that there was a very high risk of our food coming out of our mouths!

We then continued on an uneventful trip to The Gums Retreat. We arrived around 7pm and got first pick of the rooms cause we were early. The camp was actually four camps in one. Selection- this is for kids still making up their mind. Pre-departure - this was the group sophie and I were in. Basically as the name suggests its for kids who leave soon. Mid stay- this is for exchange students in the middle of their stay in Australia. End stay- this is for exchange students on their way home.

Everyone started to arrive and all up there were about 60 people on the camp. We went around the circle and introduced ourselves and our favourite movie. We then had a trivia about world geography (it was interesting contray to popular belief) we then went around the circle and introduced ourselves again but this time with our favourite possession. Now Masa who stayed with me for a week was on the camp and made this game quite funny, he gave everyone a really good laugh. Masa thought that we said position so it came to his turn and he goes "hello my name is Masa and my favourite position is on the train" this sent the room into hysterics and it took quite a long time to get him to understand that we were asking for possession, not position. We then socialized for a while had supper and went to bed.

okay this is going to be in three parts adios amigos,