Monday, May 24, 2004

AFS Big Night Out 2

Well Saturday night was one of the best parties I have ever been to. AFS Big Night Out 2 was held at the Landsdowne Hotel (its a pub) in central Sydney. We had guests from all over Australia. We had exchange students from many different countries which made it even better! Everyone was dancing, laughing and just having a plain good old time. As you will see from the photo above i was karaoking. It was so much fun first i started off with a slow sentimental piece called you belong to me and then i let loose with are you gonna be my girl by Australian rock Band JET. I had so much fun. Although I didnt get to salsa dance as much as I would have liked to, i still got to dance. I was introduced to the CEO of AFS Australia and to various Board Members. I was then told that my singing helped raise an extra $80 towards AFS Foundation Scholarships (these are the Scholarships that are gonna help me get to Japan) so I was really happy. All in all a fantastic night and I hope we have another one soon.