Thursday, June 17, 2004

Camp Post Mortem Report: Bloody fantastic! - Saturday

Sorry guys I had to finish school yesterday so now I will continue with this update.

Saturday:Well as usual im the first to get up in the morning. It was very funny seeing all the girls come out in the morning and giving you these "im still half asleep and very happy cause im really tired" smiles and looks. I then turned to my right and looked out the window and went " omg theres a huge lake about fifty metres from where im standing" now you have to understand i didnt realise we were on lake Macquarie and when we arrived it was dark.

The lake was huge but it was only a piece of scenery in this case as we didnt do anything on / in the water (its the almost the middle of winter). After a lovely meal of real eggs and pancakes that actually tasted good (i think has to be a first for camp food) Breakfast finished up and we split of into the four groups (predeparture, selection, midstay, endstay). Pre depature moved into a small lounge room that i would have to say was THE COLDEST ROOM I HAVE EVER BEEN IN! i hope the capitals show jst how cold this room was. We thought we were really smart cause one of the girls had brought a fan heater for the girls room cause lake macquarie is actually quite cold around winter. Our smartness was proven to be unsmartness when we plugged the heater in and the power socket didnt work. Well that was a bright idea, not!

Pre-departure had five people, me being the only guy. Courtney who was on her way to the U.S, Kim (ahum one of the most umm interesting people i've ever met?) who was on her way to Italy, Sophie who is going to Austria, and a girl called Alex who was only at camp for one day ( i cant actually remember where she is going) . We proceeded to talk about what we expected from our host countries and what our fears were. Me not ever really scared of anything was just like "oh Japan i love you Japan blah blah blah" i get a little overexcited sometimes. I think the most interesting questions we were asked in these sessions were "what would you do if you were put with a homosexual family" and "Are you all taking condoms" ill get to the condom one later.

So what would we do if we were put with a homosexual family? Just to put anyones fears to rest this hasnt actually ever happened. (and any gay people, no offence) Me being the only boy in the room was the first to perk up. here is the conversation that followed:

Leader: "So what would you guys do if you were placed with a Homosexual family"?Me: (quite suprised at this question, and it takes alot to shock me most of the time) "i'd move!" (please be aware i didnt actually think before i said this)Everyone: "Really"?Kim: (now this is where things got really interesting) "what are you homophobic or something"?Me: "No im not homophobic, i don't have a problem with gay people i have a problem with some of their desicisions but not the people"Kim: "Well thats just saying the same thing in a different way"Me: "No its not"Kim: "well do you judge other people on what they do in the bedroom"?Me: "No"Kim: "well then dont judge them"Me: "Im not judging, your the one thats making a big deal out of this"
now can i just say the expressions on peoples faces in the room at this stage were classics. The leaders are sitting there with their jaws touching the ground it was quite funny. Kim kept rambling some random stuff off that was quite weird and had nothing to do with the subject and the leaders had a really hard time trying to take control again. Everyone else shared their views and i did agree with what they had to say then guess what? Kim explodes again rambling nothing and once again the leaders have a really hard time taking over again and just as they get control I took over:

Me: "Sorry can you hold on a second" i turn to kim, "Can I just apologise? Look Im sorry my view conflicts with yours, and everyone has been sharing their opinion and I do agree with some of your points. I'm sure I could live with two gay guys but I think it would be more for my parents sake that I would move as im sure my parents would be quite worried about me living in that environment for a year and im sure your parents would be as well"Kim: "Oh thats okay we're still really good friends"

Now i've only just met this girl and she says we're really good friends after some weird argument, thats odd!

Anyway the next couple of sessions she starts trying to flirt with me what is this girls thought pattern? To cut a long story short she tried to make a move on me at sunset (ooooooooh how romantic) cause she got me to play all these love songs for her on guitar and sing them for her. (oh nothing happened i didnt really want to kiss her especially when your sitting next to her that night and her and one of the south americans played tonsil tennis! enough said)

Saturday night:we had what was called no talent time. This name could not ring truer. There was some shocking acts we had some guys preform Tenacious D and they sang out of key with the guitar, most others didnt have an act so they got to do celebrity heads instead. I learned im a believer by the monkees for some of the girls and i played it on guitar while they sang. it went well. Then i preformed so beautiful by an aussie bloke called Pete Murray, i was really happy with my preformance ( oh i sang and played guitar). Later that night i played guitar around the camp fire for everyone and contined this for about three hours (i know alot of songs) and then we went to bed at 2:30 on sunday morning.

Okay Im sorry this was such a long update (I will heep them shorter from now on, i promise)
by bye,