Thursday, June 03, 2004

And now ladies and gentleman its time for your favourite selection camp in....... where?

Hello avid readers (at least i hope there are some of you) and now its time for another update. Well its time for my AFS selection camp omg this is gonna be so much fun. Yes this weekend we are having the selection camp at a place called summerlands point. Now when i was told about this i was like where the hell is summerlands point? well summerlands point is in Newcastle so iwas was like oh thats ok then cause i know where newcastle is. Anyway the camp runs for the whole weekend and i get to meet lots of brand new faces of people that are going overseas next year and also lots of the exchange students that are staying here at the moment. I really cant wait i am so excited ill be sure to post lots of photos from the trip and let you know how it went. until then.