Monday, October 09, 2006

Jessesjapan live from the Sydney Opera House? Alright!

It appears that music could be my thing, maybe. As most of you know I am currently completing my year 12 certificate or, HSC as it is known in New South Wales. What many of you probably don't know, is that I am a singer/ guitarist and I am doing Music as one of my subjects.

Earlier this year I completed a performance exam as part of my tests and it is with a whole heap of energy and excitement I can announce, I have been nominated for an encore award!!! For those not familiar with the HSC terminology or way of doing things, let me break it down a little. Basically practical subjects such as music and art, have showcases in the following year to show off some of the most interesting or top scorers in those particular subject areas. Art has an exhibition at the New South Wales Art Gallery, and a few other locations, while music has one night for performances at the Sydney Opera House, this is where I step in.

Out of 6000 musicians in New South Wales this year, I have been picked for the final draft of musicians to perform at the Opera House next year in a "one show only" performance (I think the final draft is about 500 students at the most). So though I sound rather calm and composed in this post, I have had a few days to mull it over in my mind- I am still rather excited, this is a dream come true of sorts. So look out you Sydney siders, because I could just be performing for you at the Opera House next year!!

Until the Encore,