Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Do you have a rocking host family?

You may remember I posted that I had a host family and knew nothing about them...... Well guess what? I got the info, I got the photos and best of all I got the most rocking host family ever!!!!

They are young, look relatively hip and are all totally cool. Ok so I'm a bit excited let me tell you about them.
My host father is a helicopter pilot for the japanese maritime self defense force so I will hopefully get a ride or two!!!! ;-)
Then my mum is an office worker, hey whats better than learning how to file alphabetically?
And then there is my host sisters, ooooh they look so cute! I am going to be their big older brother, the oldest is either 15 or 16 and the younger one is about 13.

Now remember how I was saying they are young? My host dad is only 41 and my host mum is just about to turn 40.

My high school is also really really cool! I got more info on it and a map of it. It has river running through the middle of the school and it is right next to the train station, oh and heaps of kids atend the school about 1,022 (and there is more girls than boys by like 100-200 people).

Now me and my best friend caroline (you will have seen photos of her on this site) have both been getting really excited on the phone because we get to take a domestic flight from Narita to our orientation camp. Now we have also been laughing about it because everybody else has to catch a bus to their camp. This information on its own doesn't sound very profound until you find out that the others camps are in nagoya and osaka!!!!!! sucked in you guys!
The flight from Australia alone will take about 12 hours and assuming that we are getting into Japan at about 3 am in the morning the bus trip is going to take at least another 9-12 hours. In fact I will detail a map and put it on here so that you can see the distance they have to travel lol how is it I always end up getting the long side of the stick and not the short lol? So in conclusion the others have to travel another 9-12 hours while we (Caroline and I) get to take a domestic flight to fukuoka that will take us a mere 1 1/2 hours!!!!! hehe and we are travelling about 3-5 times the distance.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I will post a picture of my host family on here (when I can scan it in) and a picture of a map showing the distance everyone will need to travel.