Wednesday, June 30, 2004

mirengae anyone?

hey guys. As promised here are photos and an update about the party. Well we arrived around 8'o clock at night to find ourselves in this huge ballroom! The party was so much fun, we didnt stop till 4:30 the next morning! Can I say, my latin dancing skills have improved greatly. We had an instructor arrive at 8:30 and he showed us how to dance mirengae (is that how you spell it?) a latin dance created by slaves. Everyone was very unco at the beginning but most people had it by the end of the second hour. It helped having done latin dancing before but let me give you the biggest secret to latin dancing, MOVE THOSE HIPS! (yes that means you all you males out there). Its what makes the dancing look so good! We all had a fantastic night exchange students and all. Enough of my rambling, have some photos!