Monday, August 23, 2004

"sold to the man in the funny red hat"

hello avid internet fans and readers. On Saturday 21st of August I became an Auctioneer for the first time ever. On Saturday we had the yearly AFS charity dinner auction night. To break the really long title down for you it is basically an auction dinner that the group holds every year to raise money for scholarships and general running costs. It was a fantastic evening! We raised many needed funds for our group and scholarships which is good news for me. The auction went off with a bang as me and one of the other men named Tim tag teamed the auctioneering. We were honoured to have the AFS national director, Chairman of the board and select members of the AFS board attending as they are fantastic people and were very generous with their support of the auction. May I say though that we were most honoured to have the head of AFS international (the big man himself) attending the dinner. I absolutely loved it and had alot of fun auctioning, I think I could take it up as a profession (maybe). Unfortunately I couldn't get photos of the actual Auction but I have some photos of the night for you.