Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It has been, and always will be 3 months

Thats right, it has been about 3 months since I last updated my blog. (In fact let us no longer call it a blog, it sounds too much like bog- which is not a good thing. Let us now refer to it as.... I don't actually know. Email me with your ideas) and sadly, I now only have 3 months left in Japan.

Now onto business. Why have I not updated my .... (it will be called .... until someone gives it a good name) in 3 months? There are lots of miniscule, insignificant reasons I could give. So to keep things simple and far from abnormal I won't make any excuses (as Lou Dobbs of CNN puts it "No excuses, no tears"). But you can thank the people who have been constantly telling me to hurry up over the last 3 months, for finally making me hurry up.

The last 3 months have really been a blur and melded together in my memory (I guess that is what happens when you stop writing). Though they do hold a notorious reputation for having been some of the best 3 months of my life (can the age of 17 be classified as "life"?). "what have you been doing?" I hear you scream. Well dear reader let me reveal all.

Since arriving in Japan physical activity has become one of the main tiers of my life. This is mainly associated with the fact that I ride a bike to school-7km's each way, I am a member of one of the hardest training Kendo clubs in the Island of Kyushyu and I thought it was about time I got fit. The magical results of all this hard work is 11kg's of weight loss, more muscle and a very healthy me. Also a side note, after 7 months of training in Kendo, my teacher has asked me to take the 1st dan black belt test.

Most Sundays I day trip up to Fukuoka city. Fukuoka city is about 2 hours by highway bus from my residence and is colourful, vibrant and definitely classifies as my number 1 spot in Japan. Transport here is outrageously expensive, a return trip to Fukuoka costs about $40 AUD. Fukuoka is overflowing with Coffee shops (mainly Starbucks, show me a big city that isn't filled with Starbucks), Cake shops, Restaurants, any form of shopping you can think of and oh, it even has a bagel shop which happens to be one of my favourite hangs. The city buzzes with people moving from place to place and is a really good place to go fashion spotting. Mostly I spend the sundays with the youth group from my church Coffee shop/ Cafe hopping. Lol maybe I should start doing write ups on each of the Coffee shops I visit? I will add another website to the Jesses Japan empire and call it "jesses japan cocoa review".

Included in this entry are some photos from over the last 3 months. Keep your eyes out for "jesses japan cocoa review" and more updates from me.

Keep rocking,