Saturday, January 22, 2005

Camp **** in the mountains

Well ladies and gents it time for another "pre-departure camp" update!!!!

Let me start by saying, I can not get enough of these camps I think I almost wet myself laughing we have so much fun!!! lol


Well Friday was an absolute ball. I went into head office in Sydney, to fill in my visa forms. While I was there I ran into Marina who would be a co-runner of the camp. Me and Marina struck it off instantly and had a really good chat (you know one of those chats where you are continually laughing and very interested in the conversation) as we walked to central station to meet all the other students.

As we got to central old friends were re-united and new friendships made as we boarded the train for a 2 hour ride. We took lots of photos (which will be posted) and had the funniest conversations (yes wet your pants material style conversations)

We Finally made it to our destination in the Blue Mountains, very hungry and very thirsty!! So we went and claimed what was rightfully ours, KEBABS! from the kebab store.

we then Pressed on to our camp. Now I must say that our camp has to be the cleanest, friendliest, oh and don't forget best camp food I have ever seen/eaten!!!! We all got our bunks setup and then went back to the hall to chill out and get to know each other, me I socialise alot and played alot of guitar! in the end I ended doing a mini concert for the whole camp lol. We went our seperate ways to sleep. The boys went to sleep straight away, I was really bored, what I wouldn't have given to be able to sit in the girls cabin talking with them unti l3 in the morning!!!!!

well thats friday summed up next entry will be saturday.