Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"whats that slight tingling in my stomach? lol oh thats just something called being nervous!"

hello everyone!!!!!

Well its been a while since I've put an entry into my Blog. At the moment it's like everything is happening but nothing is happening lol (if that makes any sense). The things that have been happening have been fairly crucial so I guess thats something!

Well let me start off with this very forward statement, "I"M FEELING NERVOUS MAN!!!!!!!"
Not so much that it's only a month and a half until I leave but more the fact that other students have been getting host families while I am sitting here sort of going (feeling very small, with a meek voice) "eeep, what about me?" (selfish I know, but hey we are talking about my life here)

To be honest it's not that I am worried that I'm not going to get a Host family, but more I feel like I'm missing out on the fun lol. I think it is sort of cool if I don't have a family by the time I get to Japan because it will makes things more interesting (and give me cooler stories to tell you!!!)

So, now that my major "oh dear diary" cry is out of the way heres what else is happening:

It was my Birthday recently !!!!

My Visa is about to be put through (and I am positive it won't be rejected, I mean come on with a gaurantor like AFS behind it theres no way they can reject it!!! , well sort of)

Oh and on a minor note, I have my pre-departure camp this weekend!!! lol so more stories (don't know if they will be as juicy as last camp) are coming in the next week. So stay put