Sunday, January 23, 2005

Camp **** in the blue mountains part 2

Well I am back!!! and here ladies and gents is part 2 of my camp experience.


Saturday began for me at the early hour of 6am. Now you know how guys sleep like rocks even through alarms? Me being an early riser never believed that rumour, until now. I asked the guys in my cabin if I could set my alarm for 6am and they said it was fine. Now my alarm is one of the loudest alarms you will ever hear, these guys slept through it no problems!!!! I got up and had a shower etc. (oh and i put on some cologne lol)
I then headed up to the hall, on my way I ran into Marina (take note: she is the first person to ever wake up earlier than me lol)

Then I played guitar for about an hour and a half lol. At about 6:30am a few of the girls came up and did a 45 minute yoga class, now that was funny! I stopped playing guitar to listen to what they were saying, lol stuff along the lines of " now, imagine you are in a field of sun flowers. Now you will center all the yellow of the flowers into your inner being. I magine you are standing under a large waterfall" lol I almost wet myself laughing!

The day continued with breakfast, group sessions about what to expect from exchange etc. and breaks (and more food lol) Everyone became very good friends.

It got to the end of the day and it was time to leave, lots of hugs and goodbyes. Getting home was an adventure!!! As we got to the train station it started pelting massive droplets of rain!. We were also greeted by a sign telling us that trackworks were being done on the weekend so we were going to have to disembark from our train at another station and catch a bus to central station.

We waited at the station for our train which was running 20 minutes late. As we waited it rained sheets of water non-stop for 1/2 an hour and hailed non-stop for 15 minutes and they were massive pieces of hail.
Train and bus trip were nice, we chatted and slept lol (caroline was really tired) it took us 2 hours but was nice, a light sprinkle of rain continued as we made the long trip home.

Morgan and I spent a few hours running around the city trying to find food before we got our bus home. We could not find anywhere to eat! it was Sydney city on a saturday night and there was nowhere to eat (any people looking to start up a reasonably priced cafe in the city that is open good hours, this is your chance)
We finally found food after walking from central station to wynyard station (for those not good on geography this is a really long way lol) we finally had a nice dinner, got hassled by a homeless person for money and caught the bus home.

well that about wraps it up, this may have sounded long winded ( so good on you for reading lol) camps are the sort of thing that you have to have been there to enjoy so I hope I portrayed it well.

sayonara (oh and im posting the photos now),