Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dinner in the Den of a stranger

First let me start by apologizing for not updating sooner, I haven’t had access to a computer (or my notebook) for the last week. A lot has happened in the period of time I haven’t updated, the following story being one of those events.

It was a sunny but chilly Sunday morning as little Jesse practiced his Soccer skills in the big park near his house. Jesse was having a fantastic time improving his game and exercising, when he was approached by a stranger. Jesse, being a smart and good little boy knew that he shouldn’t talk to strangers. But this time he did not heed the warnings of his primary school teachers, due to the fact he was in Japan.
“Excuse me, are you American?” said the strange looking Japanese man.
“No, I’m Australian” replied Jesse.
“OH WOW! NO WAY!!” the Japanese man exclaimed “Today an Australian exchange student is coming to stay at my house for 1 month”. Jesse and the Japanese man talked for 1/2 an hour about Soccer, Australia and the new exchange student. Jesse found the man to be quite friendly. Jesse finally had to go home for lunch when the stranger said “Jesse do you have a mobile phone?” Jesse, still knowing that evil could lurk inside this friendly stranger hesitantly replied “Y-y-yes”. Jesse and the stranger exchanged mobile phone details and went their separate ways.

Jesse arrived home and told his mum about his exciting adventures in the big park that day, his mum was amazed. No sooner had Jesse finished lunch when he heard his mobile phone ringing. “Hello?” Jesse said
“Hello Jesse, what are you doing tonight?” Said the stranger from the park
“Umm nothing” Jesse replied with a hint of worry in his voice.
“I was wondering if you would like to come to my house tonight for dinner with me, my family and the new exchange student, Peter?” said the stranger. Jesse asked his mum and she said it was ok.
“Ok I can come” Jesse said
“No problems, I will pick you up tonight…. In my black car” the stranger replied.

Later that night the stranger met Jesse and Jesse’s mum at the Train Station, where he introduced himself and talked with Jesse’s mum for a while. Jesse, still not fully trusting the stranger and his black car, saved the strangers number plate into his mobile phone while the stranger wasn’t looking. Jesse said goodbye to his mum and embarked on the 2 minute car ride to the stranger’s house. When they arrived Jesse was greeted with the sight of a very large, very old Japanese farming house, he was also greeted by the stranger’s family who were also very friendly. Jesse had a fantastic night getting to know everybody, especially the exchange student Peter. Jesse had an even funnier time trying to understand the friendly stranger’s grandpa who was 81 years old, was very drunk and could only speak the very old dialect of Jesse’s city which nobody speaks anymore (except people who are 81 years old). Jesse learnt on that special Sunday that you can never be too careful when you meet a stranger, but he also learnt that sometimes a friendly stranger is really a friendly stranger.

Keep rocking,