Friday, November 04, 2005

An Internet Cafe

One reason my site was down for a few months was because a virus maliciously destroyed my computer. Apart from fretting that my host families’ computer had been destroyed while I was using it (though it was no fault of my own) I was also fretting over the idea that I was now cut off from the rest of the world. That was until I came upon the greatest internet café I have ever seen! Yes, ok, I admit there is a good amount of tech geek in me but hey, tech geeks can be some of the coolest, most interesting people you have ever met. Anyway back to the story.

I was out getting some fresh air on my bike when from the a cluster of buildings the internet café emerged, basked in all its glory like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the ten commandments (ok not quite, you get the idea). Marked by my photographic memory (or lack thereof) I returned a few days later and was very surprised by what I found.

Really we should call this a “premium internet café” because your options are huge. First off it starts with a private booth “would you like smoking or non-smoking sir?”, let us start with a basic layout. You enter your high walled cubicle/booth to be welcomed y the options you have chosen (we will get to them), a private line to the concierge, a food menu, a desk lamp and stationary (just in case you need to take notes or feel like doodling) next the options. The full option package (the rest you can pick and choose from this) includes: A computer (obviously connected to broadband), TV, DVD player, Playstation 2 and last but not least, if you are feeling a little bit cramped up from the computer just push the button on the side of your chair, it’s a state of the art massage chair….. OH YEAH!!!!

What’s next? Well if you frequent internet cafes in Japan a lot there is a good chance you read Japanese comics. The internet café thought it would be great to include a comic book and magazine library that would put a small public library to shame. Oh and then there is the playstation 2 and DVD library, and did I mention the free drinks bar? Yes that is correct, a free drinks bar which has everything from soft drink dispensers to a state of the art cappuccino machine, and by the way it is free refills.

I am still yet to sample their kitchen but it smells pretty good. So by now you all probably want to come to my internet café, too bad it is mine! What does it cost? About $3.50 AUD per hour, I will try to grab some photos to post for you guys.

Until then keep rocking,