Monday, November 07, 2005

Free in Fukuoka

Sunday morning started out when my 5:30am alarm blared at me to wake up, get my rear into gear and head off for my day of fun and frolicking in Fukuoka.

It was still dark when I left home at 6 am and the weather was awful. I love awful weather!! I don’t know about you but I love a good, long storm. When I left home I was glad I opted for the rain coat over the umbrella, the wind and rain were just too strong. By the time I arrived at the bus station the front of my pants looked like they were fresh out of the washing machine (though due to the weather the real reason was quite obvious). Once again let me stress, I love a good storm! There is something about the raging elements that makes me feel relaxed. It made for a very nice bus trip as I chilled out listening toDC Talk and CCC youth Band on my MD (Mini Disc) while rain crashed down and lightening illuminated the mountains and sky in the distance.

Arriving in Fukuoka my stomach told me it was time to hit the local Iwataya starbucks (click link for review at jesses japan cocoa) With my good friend Rick. Rick has to be one of the most interesting people you could meet, he is funny, he is casual (likes to just hang out) and is a real intellectual (some of the most intellectual conversations I have ever had were with him). Our phrase for the day was “piece of cake” in Japanese (asa meshi mae for you linguists out there), we did some catching up and headed off to church.

Church wrapped up at about 1pm so by this time I was hungry again. My friend Erin and I decided it was time to pay Bagel & Bagel A visit. No sooner had I finished my Bagel, I was dragged off to a Korean Restaurant by Rick and two Korean friends of ours from church. During the meal a lot of funny sideways glances were directed our way as we were two white guys and two Korean girls having a conversation in Japanese. Then the girls taught us how to say hello in Korean (anyonghaseiyo for the linguists). We finished our meals and said our goodbyes as the girls headed back to their university dorms and Rick and I stumbled back to the church feeling slightly heavy.

The thing I love about my church friends is that we just chill, there isn’t an expectation to do anything overly exciting. Even better is that we all have a lot in common and can just talk forever. After chilling at church Rick and I decided it was time to hit our favorite Akasaka Starbucks (just because I go to Starbucks a lot doesn’t mean I love it) where we would be joined by our church friends later on.

As we were sitting next to the window talking and drinking hundreds of people were zipping past on bicycles or walking by conducting there personal business. All of a sudden one bike goes flying by out of my line of sight and then just stops, and starts back pedaling. This abnormal action caught my eye so I turned my head to see a girl staring at me… then I realize the girl is a foreigner and that she was also my best friend on Orientation Camp when I arrived in Japan!!! I ran outside and hugged her; it was so nice to see her as we hadn’t seen each other since Camp. We did the whole catch up thing, exchange numbers etc and then went our separate ways.

By about that time I had to bid Rick and my church friend’s farewell and head for my bus. The bus trip home was uneventful except for the figure skating on TV, wow those girls are talented!!!

Schedule for this week is nothing special, but this coming weekend I have a Kendo competition, full report and photos to come.